Railroad Engineer Olive Dennis

Railroad Engineer Olive Dennis

When Olive Dennis was young, girls were expected to be sewing, cooking, and cleaning. But Olive was busy imagining, designing, and building everything from a wooden dollhouse to a model streetcar with working parts. When she grew up, Olive continued to defy expectations, earning a civil engineering degree and becoming the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s first female engineer. Her genius for inventing improvements based on her keen observations of passengers’ needs and problems led her to the assignment of a lifetime: designing a luxury train that would change rail travel forever.


The rhythm of Kaye Baillie’s text in this picture book biography will take you on a ride, with all its bumps and turns, through the life of Olive Dennis.

Tanja Stephani …subdued color palette are perfectly nostalgic of the decades spanning from turn-of-the century through early to mid-1900s.

- Michelle Nott, Children's Book Author

An insightful picture-book biography.

- Carolyn Phelan, Booklist

Simple, engaging, and inspiring.

- Melissa Taylor, Imagination Soup

Kaye Baillie pours her passion and admiration to summarize Ms. Dennis’ life in a powerful way. Her work is beautifully amplified by the lifelike depictions illustrated by artist Tanja Stephani.

- Miss Monique, Childcare Industry Influencer, Early Literacy Advocate

Book Details

Illustrator Tanja Stephani
Non Fiction Biography
Publisher The Innovation Press, USA
ISBN 9781943147984
Page Extent 48 pages
Reading Age 6-9 years
Release Date November 2022