Scaredy Cat

Orbit Issue, April 2023
Illustrated by David Legge
A story about a boy called Malcolm who gets bullied at school by Boris. But when Malcolm finds a magical coin, he finally has power over Boris until things go a little too far.

The Somewhat True Story of How The ‘Sandwich’ Got Its Name

Countdown Issue, May 2022
Illustrated by Aska
A fun story about Lord Sandwich’s famous food invention.


A Knight For A Day

Reprinted Blast Off Issue August 2022
Blast Off Issue July 2015,
Illustrated by Craig Phillips
A fun story about a boy who pretends he is a knight in medieval times.

Debbie ‘Do’ – The Girl who Became a Pilot

Orbit Issue, March 2020
Photo supplied by Deborah Lawrie
Illustrated by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall
It tells the true story of a remarkable woman, Deb Wardley, who was determined to become a pilot. She led the way for all girls and women to follow their dreams.


​Imogen Saves the Play

Countdown Issue, July 2020
Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini
Imogen wants to play the fairy princess in the school play bit is given the part of…a tree!​​


​Aircraftwoman 104916

​Orbit Issue April 2019
Photos Courtesy of the Author
The story is about my mother, Dulcie and her time as a WAAAF, (Women’s Australian Auxillary Airforce) during World War II. She spent three years as a telegraphist/morse code operator at the Mildura 2OTU base, the largest inland fighter-pilot training centre in the Southern Hemisphere.


​Chrissie and a Queen

Countdown Issue April 2019
​Illustrated by Aska
I wrote this story based on a real experience from my childhood when I was minding our neighbor’s chickens and they all escaped from their pen.


A History Through Chimneys

Touchdown Issue September 2019
Illustrated by Gabriel Evans
I wrote this poem because I am curious about chimneys left standing while the rest of the house is long gone. I wonder who once lived there.


Car Rally Granny

​Countdown Issue July 2018
Illustrated by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall
This is based on a true story of a feisty grandmother who entered the Redex Reliability Trial in 1953; a car rally on Australia’s roughest roads.